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Ford has made lot of progress in the Indian market since they launched the Ecosport in the year 2013 the compact SUV became so popular amongst the crowd that it even had a waiting period of 6 months. But India’s most popular and the most competitive segment got to be its hatchback segment and every other manufacturer has atleast one or two product in this segment to compete with the rest of the auto manufacturers Maruti Maruti Suzuki Suzuki dominated the segment with their affordable and feature pact products but in the recent years many other manufacturers like Hyundai , Chevrolet and Datsun too has taken a fair share of the game. Ford who launched their Figo hatch based on their European Fiesta platform way back in the year 2010 became the most popular car of that respective year and won many prestigious awards including the Indian car of the year 2010. Ford has particularly designed this car keeping in mind the requirements of Indian consumer’s but as time went by and stiff competition in the Indian hatchback segment forced Ford to go back to their drawing boards and launch a facelift version of Figo in the year 2012.

The facelift Figo came with a large hexagonal front grille and redesigned head and tail lamps. Previous year November Ford unveiled a global small car concept christened as Ka in Brazil. The KA concept came with a sleeker and bold designed front. This car was also showcased at the 2014; auto expo in Delhi and received positive response from the people this KA hatch was recently launched in the Brazilian market and will definitely make it to our Indian market christened as Figo hatch.

Yes! This will be a completely new car which has been cleverly engineered by Ford and today we will be giving you our first impression of this new KA hatch popularly known as the Figo hatch in the Indian market.

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Mahindra Reva E20

Mahindra although has not confirmed this news officially or not yet released any press release but they have updated their website saying that their all electric vehicle e2o will now be available with an electric steering.

According to what we found on the Mahindra website the Reva e2o T2 (Premium) and T20 (Premium+Quick2Charge) variants will be available with electric power steering. The 2 door hatchback with the power steering will definitely now be a better handling car.

The e2o is powered by a 48V maintenance-free Lithium-ion battery. The base T01 variant produces 14.8 KW of peak power and 53.9 Nm of torque in between 0-2000 rpm while the T2 and the T20 variants produces 19 KW of peak power at 3750 rpm and the same 53.9 Nm of torque in between 0-3400 rpm. The electric motor has been mated to a fully automatic transmission. The base T01 variant has a top speed of 75 km/h mark and has a range of 80 km while the T2 and the T20 variant has a top speed of 81 Km/h mark and has a range of about 120 km. The T20 also has the Quick2Charge function which provides full charge to the hatch in less than 60 minutes.

The prices of the Mahindra e2o have been provided below:

- The T01 (base) is priced at Rs. 5, 95,657 (ex showroom Delhi).
- The T2 (Premium) is priced at Rs. 6, 67,743 (ex showroom Delhi).
- The T20 (Premium + Quick2Charge) is priced at Rs. 7, 15,799 (ex showroom Delhi).

Mahindra has not yet revealed the prices of the Electric Power Steering variants yet and has declared that it will be announced shortly.

Source: Mahindra
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Mercedes has recently launched couple of videos of their upcoming AMG GT 2 seater. Recently Mercedes Mercedes has confirmed that the AMG GT will be powered by a 4.0 Liter twin turbo engine which will produce an insane amount of power 510 Hp at 6250 rpm to be exact while the same engine will produce 650 Nm of peak power at 4,750 rpm.

In this video AMG CEO, Tobias Moers said that the SLS replacement will have a massive amount of power and torque and insane amount of acceleration. The AMG GT when launched will compete directly with the Porsche 911. The new AMG GT will be lighter and slimmer and will use a lot of carbon fiber and almunium to reduce the overall weight.

It can be hoped that the new Mercedes GT will definitely excite all the sports car fans of the World.

Source: You Tube
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The Cayenne is one of the most prestigious models of the German auto manufacturing brand Porsche since the year 2002. Unlike other premium SUV’s who are only known to the world for their offroading capabilities and luxurious interiors the Cayenne is also famous for its excellent handling and powerful engines. Porsche introduced the second generation Cayenne in the year 2010 at the Geneva Motor show which was smaller and curvier than the previous generation Cayenne and quite honestly Porsche who are not so popular for their styling started gathering praises for this SUV’s sporty and appealing looks.

Now Porsche once again will attract all the attention not only in the International market but also in the Indian market as well because they have just announced the facelift Cayenne in the International market which will soon make its way in the Indian market too via the CBU (Completely built unit) route. Recently we saw Porsche launched the sporty Macan SUV in the Indian market and we are pretty sure that its popularity will definitely attract lot of buyers instead of that steep price tag. While its bigger brother the Cayenne although has only received subtle changes to its exterior and interior but they are still worth mentioning. What is even more interesting is the fact the facelift Cayenne also received few upgrades to its engines under the hood and as a result of all these mechanical changes Porsche claims that their SUV has also became more fuel efficient.

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I think we all are huge fan of the Need For Speed racing games and have enjoyed playing Drifting in that with all those powerful cars. Japan is known for their illegal street races and every weekend group of automotive enthusiasts takes on the streets of at midnight and enjoy drifting their modified cars on the open streets till wee hours of the morning but as they say nothing comes for free and if they are caught by the Police they are fined a hefty amount and also looses their driving license forever.

If you are an auto enthusiast and loves the sound of screeching brakes and enjoy watching burning rubber and spinning of rear wheels then I am sure you will love this video.

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We all love the Nissan GT-R don’t we? although its not yet available in the Indian market. But watch this Nissan GT-R in action which has all the body panels replaced with lightweight carbon fiber. The use of all that carbon fiber has helped this GT-R to shed almost 140 Kilograms of its overall body weight, the reduction of all that weight has further improved this cars overall handling and performance. For your information the Nissan GT-R is powered by a 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V-6 engine which produces 545 hp of peak power and 627 NM of torque, the engine has been mated to a six-speed dual clutch transmission which send all those power to all the 4 wheels.

Overtake a tuning company based in Japan has modified this Nissan GT-R and added a couple of new useful cosmetic upgrades to this car for example a racing side skirt with carbon rear brake ducts, carbon roof on top, carbon racing bonnet at the front, carbon front fenders, carbon fiber racing front and rear bumper and carbon fiber spoiler at the rear. All these changes has made this car appear even meaner I am sure you will love this car and the video.

Source: You Tube
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There was already a lot of hype surrounding the Mobilio MPV from Honda , now the Mobilio fans have something more to cheer for because Honda will be launching the Mobilio RS variant in India this September. Now many of you already are quite aware of the Mobilio RS variant for those who don’t the Mobilio RS variant is a sportier version of the Mobilio MPV and will be available only with diesel engine option and plenty of cosmetic upgrades on its exterior.

We will definitely talk about all the details here but let us first inform you that the 2014 Mobilio RS will be powered by the same 4 Cylinder,DOHC i-DTEC diesel engine mated with a 5 speed manual gearbox which generates an amazing 100 PS of peak power and 200 NM of torque and does duty on the standard Mobilio. On the inside the Mobilio RS gets the same interior on what you will find in the top end Mobilio diesel V variant.

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Source: Honda
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The XC90 SUV from Volvo has been in the news lately for its technologically advanced features and sophisticated interiors and also for its most cleanest and powerful engine , this time its once more highlighted in the news for the advanced safety features that has been added by Volvo. Quite frankly Volvo has always been known for their advanced safety features and making some of the safest cars on road today.

Volvo has recently informed the World that they will be loading the XC 90 with two Worlds first in safety features which hopefully will be unveiled next month. The two Worlds first safety features include Auto brake at intersections and also on solution focusing on accidental road departure.

Auto brake at intersections: - The XC 90 will be the first car in the World which will come with Auto Brake at Intersection. This safety feature will automatically apply the brakes if the driver of any car comes at the front of an oncoming car which happens most of the time at an intersection and also on the highways where usually the speed limits are high. The XC 90 automatically brakes when it detects a potential crash in order to avoid a possible collision.

Run-off road protection: - One common type of accident that happens is when a car runs off the road this may be caused due to various reasons commonly driver distraction, fatigue or poor weather conditions. However Volvo has invented some safety measures to save the occupants inside if any such situation occurs. The safe positioning capability will keep the occupants inside the SUV in position before such impact by automatically tightening the seats belts as long as the car is in motion.

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It was recently announced that BMW will be launching the Active Hybrid 7 in the Indian market and will be sold alongside their most prestigious product the 7 Series. So today we have decided to bring you the in depth review of the BMW Active Hybrid 7.

We all are quite aware of the fact that the BMW 7 Series is one of the most popular Beemer products available in our Indian market today. Now the 7 Series is the most comfortable sedan from the premium German auto manufacturers stable currently and most of the consumers prefers the 7 Series over any other vehicles for its unbelievable level of luxury, comfort and performance. While on the other hand the soon to be launched Active Hybrid 7 will offer everything that a standard 7 Series offers normally but what is more interesting is the fact that it will also returns an excellent fuel efficiency figures which is totally unexpected from a sedan of this class and caliber.

The 7 Series Active Hybrid will most probably offered with a 3.0 Liter inline six cylinder engine that produces an impressive amount of power and torque figures about which we will be talking about a bit later in this review. An electric motor is mated to the powerful twin turbocharged engine which separately produces an extra amount of power and torque. The whole engine is mated to a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission which sends all that power to the rear wheels. With all the available power on tap the 7 Series Active Hybrid is capable of hitting the 100 Km/h mark in just 5.7 seconds and has a top speed of 250 km/h mark.

UPDATE 23/07/14: BMW Launched the 7 series Active Hybrid in the Indian market today priced at INR.1.35 Crores (ex showroom)

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Remember the time when Porsche only had a supercar and sports car lineup? The 911, 928,944 and many more. But, over the years, with influence from their parents, Volkswagen Volkswagen , Porsche has morphed into this giant German niche brand that has diversified its lineup into areas that were once uncharted territories for them. And, it has spawned nothing but success, weirdly. Porsche purists around the world got really furious when the company laid plans to announce their first SUV, a la Cayenne. While it did tarnish their reputation from being a supercar manufacturer to a premium car manufacturer, the Cayenne brought in the sales figures that really put smiles in many investor’s faces.

So, with that thought in mind, they decided to take a new direction that will see the launch of many uber-premium, practical yet sporty cars while not loosing focus on the one car that made them famous in the first place, the Porsche 911 Porsche 911 . And, hey, Porsche hasn’t forgotten its supercar and motorsport history. It’s so rich that they’ve decided to re-ignite the spirit by announcing the 887-horspower 918 Spyder and returning to active motorsports as a manufacturer team. All in all, Porsche is garnering success like never before and with the launch of the new Porsche Macan, we’ve a feeling those sales figures might soon double.

Instantly, the relationship between the Macan and the Cayenne can be related to the 911(991) Carrera and the Cayman (or the Coxster as Jeremy Clarkson would call it). Even though it’s an entry-level CUV, Porsche will not compromise on anything to keep its price point low. It’s still powerful, fitted to perfection with the highest quality materials and handles like a Cayenne.

UPDATE 23/07/14: Porsche launched the Macan SUV in the Indian market today with prices starting at Rs.98.18 Lakhs (Ex Showroom Maharashtra)

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