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Do you all know that Mahindra will be launching the facelift XUV500 on 25th May which is actually quite early but this is definitely good news for all the fans because this new SUV definitely comes with plenty of noticeable changes which will definitely attract lot of eyeballs.

Towards the front the SUV gets completely new headlamps cluster which also get a newly designed S-shaped LED daytime running lamps, although the teaser image actually reveals nothing much about the styling but it will also get ‘L shaped’ chrome finished fog lamps which will be the only changes that you will notice towards its front. There are not many changes towards the rear side profile though except a new set of alloy wheels. While towards the rear you will notice some fabrication made towards the rear number plate and even the rear door too received some updates of its own.

Unfortunately the interiors of the facelift won’t be receiving any changes and the same interior will be carried on to this facelift variant however we do feel that Mahindra definitely will add some new colors inside to add a fresh appeal to the old interior.

Under the hood too don’t expect any mechanical change because the facelift variant will get the same 2.2 Litre four cylinder diesel engine which produces an impressive 140 Hp of peak power and 330 NM of torque. But you do get an improved suspension setup which will definitely lead to a better ride quality.

The Mahindra XUV500 competes with some other SUV’s of its class including the Nissan Terrano, Skoda Yeti and the Tata Safari Storme. It will be fun to see how people will react when they watch this facelift XUV500 get launched and in action on Indian roads on May 25th.

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There is some good news for the gaming fans all over the world, the most interesting and addictive game is back. That’s right! Electronic Arts is back with their latest installment and it is called Need for Speed and this time they are not adding and suffix with the title.

This is the first official teaser trailer that they have launched and if you ask me the graphics looks fantastic and even the camera angles too looks different which is more than interesting. The game is still under development process while the launch date too is still unknown to us but do not expect a huge delay in its launch. The trailer definitely shows in game footage of cars being chased by police.

The locality and the streets are created with perfection and it even adds more interesting sides to the game. The game will definitely feature night scenes and from this video it is quite evident that the developers of the game has highlighted on how this car looks especially during night with all those stret lights and Neon flashing. There is no doubt that this game definitely has some touches that we also have seen in Need for Speed underground where all the races used to occur at night.

The new NFS game will be available towards the end of 2015 in for PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

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A ‘Compact sedan’ with great looks and a luggage capacity of 510 Litres will be enough to describe this newest product from Fiat called the Aegea. According to the Italiajn auto manufacturer this compact sedan has been built from the grounds up as a three box sedan and not just a hatchback with a boot which means not only do you get plenty of boot space like I mentioned but you also do get an impressive amount of interior space as well for the co0mfort of the passenger inside.

The Aegea was caught couple of times being tested on road and Fiat released the teaser image of this compact sedan recently before finally it was showcased at the Istanbul Motor Show. The Aegea was designed at FCA style centre in Italy and was developed in Turkey along with the Tofaş R&D and manufactured in the Bursa plant. This sedan will be sold in over 40 Countries while the name Aegea has been selected purposefully to pay tribute to Turkey who played significant role for Fiat Chrysler.

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Remember the Orange Supra that Paul Walker was driving in the first installment of the Fast and Furious movie franchise (we have also added a video of the drag race) well! That car has recently been auctioned at the Mecum Auction sale which was held at Indianapolis.

The Supra was heavily customized and was driven by the character Brian O Conner played by Paul Walker. You will definitely also remember the last part of the movie where Brian and Dom which was played by the actor Vin Diesel do a drag race. This Supra which was auctioned and fetched an impressive $185,000 (£120,000) really looked wild and comes with a Bomex bodykit which also comes with a huge rear wing at the back. The customized Supra also gets really impressive graphics, alloy wheels and even a rollcage for the safety of the passenger inside. While under the hood it is heard that this Supra gets the 3.0-liter inline six engine which is claimed to produce about 220 Hp of peak power and this engine is mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox. What is even more interesting is also the fact that this Supra also gets not one but two nitrox oxide bottles which sadly are not in a working in this car for safety purpose.

Not only this has the Fast and Furious franchise sold the Supra but even some cars of the late actor including the Nissan Skyline GT and also the Mitsubishi Lancer E Revolution from the movie 2 Fast and 2 Furious.

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What’s cooking at the Honda Tapukara facility located in Rajasthan? I know this might really surprise you all but GaadiWaadi was able to click some images of the new 2015 Honda Civic with left hand drive at the Honda plant.

There is no doubt in the fact that the Civic with left hand drive was imported to India for Research and Development purpose. Although there is no chance of this beautiful looking European spec hatchback to be launched in the Indian market anytime soon but you can expect this hatch to be displayed at the 2016 Auto expo which will be held next year.

Now if you talk about looks surely the Honda Civic hatchback will impress you all with its aggressive and cutting edge styling. Towards the front the bumpers gets larger air intakes while towards the extreme corner of the lower half of the bumper you can notice huge fog lamps. Come to the side profile and it looks interesting with bold creases and lines but the appealing part definitely has to be the rear of the hatch which gets huge sloping windscreen and high mounted taillamps while the boot lid spoiler too adds a sporty feel to the rear of the hatch.

While under the hood the Honda Civic gets a 1.4 Litre petrol unit which is capable of producing about 99 Hp of peak power while the other engine that follows is a 1.8 Litre unit which is capable of producing about 148 Hp of peak power. While the diesel variant gets the 1.6 Litre unit which produces an impressive 118 Hp of peak power, perhaps there will be some more diesel engine variants when this car finally launched in our market.

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Renault showcased their entry level hatchback the KWID in India. This new hatch is built on CMF-A architecture which is build in alliance with Renault and Nissan and this car is targeted mainly towards the emerging markets of the world. The name KWID itself inspires Curiosity and adds an impression of youth and modernity which also indicates that this hatch is targeted towards the young buyers of the Country.

The new hatchback measures about 3.68 metres in length but has an impressive height of 1.58 metres and just like Wagon R this hatch too utilizes the height pretty well and that is also the reason why the interiors looks spacious enough. When we talk about the styling the new hatch surely gives you a hint of its strength and reliability while the high ground clearance also means that that the hatch can take on any road conditions easily. When looked at the KWID will appear like the mini Duster from many angles.

Coming to the inside the KWID gets pretty impressive cabin which consists of a digital instrument cluster and chrome air vents while the seats in particular are finished in bright fabrics which adds some color inside. Renault will also equip the hatch with Media NAV which comes with a 7 inch touchscreen and completed with features like radio, Bluetooth and navigation.

Under the hood the KWID will be powered by a newly developed 800 cc engine which will produce an estimated 50 Hp of power output and mated to a 5 speed gearbox while Renault Renault will also introduce an AMT transmission later. This engine will be definitely not be known for its power but mostly for its fuel efficiency figures, the new 800 cc unit will be counted as one of the most fuel efficient petrol engines available in India.

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It was spotted couple of times on the Indian road and although it was covered in heavy camouflage we all knew what was coming. Finally today on 20th May 2015 Renault unveiled their new entry level offering for the Indian market, Christened as the KWID (NO! we were all wrong when we thought that the new upcoming hatch will be called Kayou), this also happens to be the French auto manufacturers first global launch which happened outside Europe.

Renault first showcased the KWID Concept back at the 2014, Auto expo held at Delhi and quite honestly the concept car looked really promising because not only it had the SUV type appearance, the Concept car also promised to offer proper offroading tools with it. However what is really impressive is the fact that the entry level offering from Renault comes with SUV cues which is definitely something new for this segment. The car not only has a robust exterior it also promises to offer plenty of space inside. What is even more interesting is also the fact that the KWID brings plenty of technology with it inside the car which will help the owners to stay connected all the time.

The KWID will be powered by an all new 800 cc engine and it is based on Renault’s Common Module Family and affordable (CMF-A) Platform which will also make it the first ever car to be built on this new platform.

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Only yesterday we have informed you about Fiat India’s future Plans for India which includes three new and exclusive launches. Just today we have found that Fiat already started teasing their upcoming premium hot hatch on their website.

That’s right! If you recall the previous story you will remember that Fiat has plans to launch the Abarth 595 Competizione in India and this is not just any ordinary hatch this small hatch has a powerful engine under the hood. The Abarth 595 Competizione features a 1.4-litre T-Jet engine with a fixed geometry turbocharger; this unit helps to produce about 160 PS of peak power at 5500 RPM and 230 Nm of torque 3000 rpm in the sports mode. This car also comes with an AMT transmission but hopefully Fiat will also be introducing the manual variant in India.

The 2 door hatch Fiat Abarth will definitely appeal to the sports car lovers of the Country, it comes with “Record Monza” exhaust system while inside the puny hatch gets a all new digital instrument cluster backlit display with TFT technology. In the International market Fiat also offers plenty of customization option for this hatch hopefully they will also bring some customization option for Indian market too.

Expect this premium sporty hatch to compete with other small entry level premium hatches like the Mercedes A-Class and the Mini Cooper when it is launched here in the month of June.

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“I may be small in size but I can be wicked at times” perhaps these quote cars suits the Fiat 500 Abarth the best.

Although we Indian haven’t heard much about Abarth’s work but they are one of the most renowned racing car and also road car makers since the year 1949. Abarth got associated with Fiat in the year 1952 and since then they have created some of the most radical and extraordinary cars which include even some of the iconic cars like the Abarth 1500 Biposto, they are also known for making high performance exhaust pipes and even racing exhausts. Later Fiat actually bought the company and since then it has been under Fiat’s ownership. We can consider ourselves extremely lucky because Fiat India has actually decided to launch the 500Abarth in India; it will be imported via the CBU Route (Completely built unit) and will compete with some other entry level premium small cars available in the Indian market right now from the German auto manufacturers like the BMW and Mercedes.

Now what exactly is the 500Abarth? Fiat launched the original Fiat500 back in the year 1957 and just like the Mini Mini it too was a small and cheap car targeted mainly towards the City owners and it also was powered by a really puny 497 cc engine. It was one of the most iconic cars of all time which sold in huge numbers after the Post World War period, Much later in the year 2007 and almost after 50 years Fiat decided to launch the Fiat500 again in a new avatar but with the classic look to it. The 500 Abarth is just the high performance variant of the standard Fiat500, it has been in the existence since the year 2008 and now we will be getting the latest version of the car in our Indian market. Powered by a 1.4-liter MultiAir engine this small car can pack lot of punch in reality.

Now this is one car that almost everybody would love to own because it is carrying a piece of history with it.

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Tata Motors Nano started its career as one of the cheapest car available in the Indian market but it was not well received amongst the Indian owners because of many reasons. Somehow Tata decided to give it a premium touch and launched the next generation Nano which although is based on the same platform but it surely did receive some premium features not only on its exterior but interior as well which actually made this small hatchback more practical and upmarket and now is a much more able city car.

Tata introduced the new Nano with an AMT gearbox and it was christened as GenX Nano Easy Shift (AMT) that’s a really long name considering the actual size of the car but jokes apart the new and improved Nano although uses the same twin cylinder 624 cc unit but the AMT 5 speed unit surely made some difference to it which is clearly visible. The AMT Kit that the Nano has used in this new hatch is also imported from Italy’s Magneti Marelli who also supplies the Kit to Maruti in India.

Although the bookings has already started for this new GenX Nano it will be launched soon in India so if you are thinking of getting your hands on a car which comes with an AMT transmission and do not actually have a huge budget then you should definitely go through this speculative review of the hatch provided below.

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