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We all love the Nissan GT-R don’t we? although its not yet available in the Indian market. But watch this Nissan GT-R in action which has all the body panels replaced with lightweight carbon fiber. The use of all that carbon fiber has helped this GT-R to shed almost 140 Kilograms of its overall body weight. The reduction of all that weight has further improved this cars overall handling and performance. For your information the Nissan GT-R is powered by a 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V-6 engine which produces 545 hp of peak power and 627 NM of torque, the engine has been mated to a six-speed dual clutch transmission which send all those power to all the 4 wheels.

Overtake a tuning company based in Japan has modified this Nissan GT-R and added a couple of new useful cosmetic upgrades to this car for example a racing side skirt with carbon rear brake ducts, carbon roof on top, carbon racing bonnet at the front, carbon front fenders, carbon fiber racing front and rear bumper and carbon fiber spoiler at the rear. All these changes has made this car appear even meaner I am sure you will love this car and the video.

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There was already a lot of hype surrounding the Mobilio MPV from Honda , now the Mobilio fans have something more to cheer for because Honda will be launching the Mobilio RS variant in India this September. Now many of you already are quite aware of the Mobilio RS variant for those who don’t the Mobilio RS variant is a sportier version of the Mobilio MPV and will be available only with diesel engine option and plenty of cosmetic upgrades on its exterior.

We will definitely talk about all the details here but let us first inform you that the 2014 Mobilio RS will be powered by the same 4 Cylinder,DOHC i-DTEC diesel engine mated with a 5 speed manual gearbox which generates an amazing 100 PS of peak power and 200 NM of torque and does duty on the standard Mobilio. On the inside the Mobilio RS gets the same interior on what you will find in the top end Mobilio diesel V variant.

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The XC90 SUV from Volvo has been in the news lately for its technologically advanced features and sophisticated interiors and also for its most cleanest and powerful engine , this time its once more highlighted in the news for the advanced safety features that has been added by Volvo. Quite frankly Volvo has always been known for their advanced safety features and making some of the safest cars on road today.

Volvo has recently informed the World that they will be loading the XC 90 with two Worlds first in safety features which hopefully will be unveiled next month. The two Worlds first safety features include Auto brake at intersections and also on solution focusing on accidental road departure.

Auto brake at intersections: - The XC 90 will be the first car in the World which will come with Auto Brake at Intersection. This safety feature will automatically apply the brakes if the driver of any car comes at the front of an oncoming car which happens most of the time at an intersection and also on the highways where usually the speed limits are high. The XC 90 automatically brakes when it detects a potential crash in order to avoid a possible collision.

Run-off road protection: - One common type of accident that happens is when a car runs off the road this may be caused due to various reasons commonly driver distraction, fatigue or poor weather conditions. However Volvo has invented some safety measures to save the occupants inside if any such situation occurs. The safe positioning capability will keep the occupants inside the SUV in position before such impact by automatically tightening the seats belts as long as the car is in motion.

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It was recently announced that BMW will be launching the Active Hybrid 7 in the Indian market and will be sold alongside their most prestigious product the 7 Series. So today we have decided to bring you the in depth review of the BMW Active Hybrid 7.

We all are quite aware of the fact that the BMW 7 Series is one of the most popular Beemer products available in our Indian market today. Now the 7 Series is the most comfortable sedan from the premium German auto manufacturers stable currently and most of the consumers prefers the 7 Series over any other vehicles for its unbelievable level of luxury, comfort and performance. While on the other hand the soon to be launched Active Hybrid 7 will offer everything that a standard 7 Series offers normally but what is more interesting is the fact that it will also returns an excellent fuel efficiency figures which is totally unexpected from a sedan of this class and caliber.

The 7 Series Active Hybrid will most probably offered with a 3.0 Liter inline six cylinder engine that produces an impressive amount of power and torque figures about which we will be talking about a bit later in this review. An electric motor is mated to the powerful twin turbocharged engine which separately produces an extra amount of power and torque. The whole engine is mated to a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission which sends all that power to the rear wheels. With all the available power on tap the 7 Series Active Hybrid is capable of hitting the 100 Km/h mark in just 5.7 seconds and has a top speed of 250 km/h mark.

UPDATE 23/07/14: BMW Launched the 7 series Active Hybrid in the Indian market today priced at INR.1.35 Crores (ex showroom)

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Remember the time when Porsche only had a supercar and sports car lineup? The 911, 928,944 and many more. But, over the years, with influence from their parents, Volkswagen Volkswagen , Porsche has morphed into this giant German niche brand that has diversified its lineup into areas that were once uncharted territories for them. And, it has spawned nothing but success, weirdly. Porsche purists around the world got really furious when the company laid plans to announce their first SUV, a la Cayenne. While it did tarnish their reputation from being a supercar manufacturer to a premium car manufacturer, the Cayenne brought in the sales figures that really put smiles in many investor’s faces.

So, with that thought in mind, they decided to take a new direction that will see the launch of many uber-premium, practical yet sporty cars while not loosing focus on the one car that made them famous in the first place, the Porsche 911 Porsche 911 . And, hey, Porsche hasn’t forgotten its supercar and motorsport history. It’s so rich that they’ve decided to re-ignite the spirit by announcing the 887-horspower 918 Spyder and returning to active motorsports as a manufacturer team. All in all, Porsche is garnering success like never before and with the launch of the new Porsche Macan, we’ve a feeling those sales figures might soon double.

Instantly, the relationship between the Macan and the Cayenne can be related to the 911(991) Carrera and the Cayman (or the Coxster as Jeremy Clarkson would call it). Even though it’s an entry-level CUV, Porsche will not compromise on anything to keep its price point low. It’s still powerful, fitted to perfection with the highest quality materials and handles like a Cayenne.

UPDATE 23/07/14: Porsche launched the Macan SUV in the Indian market today with prices starting at Rs.98.18 Lakhs (Ex Showroom Maharashtra)

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BMW has launched the 7 Series Active Hybrid in the Indian market today priced at INR. 1, 35,00,000 (Ex Showroom). The 7 series Active Hybrid will be sold in the Indian market as a CBU (Completely built-Up) unit and will be available only at BMW dealerships of Delhi NCR (National Capital Region), Mumbai and Chennai.

The 7 Series Active Hybrid carries the most innovative BMW Active Hybrid technology with it. This car uses intelligent energy management system which captures surplus energy, stores it and then converts it back again into motion whenever required. With the launch of the Active Hybrid BMW also becomes the first German premium brand to launch a Hybrid vehicle in the Indian market.

The 7 Series Active Hybrid is powered by a 3.0-litre twin scroll turbocharged engine which produces 320 hp of peak power in between 5,800-6,000 rpm while the maximum amount of torque delivered is about 450 Nm in between 1,300-4,500 rpm. The electric motor separately generates 55 hp of peak power and 201 Nm of torque. The engine has been mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission which sends all those power to the rear wheels. BMW claims that the 7 series Active Hybrid can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 6.2 seconds while the top speed is limited to 250 km/h mark.

The Hybrid sedan further has been equipped with many modern technologies to reduce the overall fuel consumption and increases the overall driving dynamics; the technology includes Intelligent Lightweight Construction, Auto Start-Stop, ECO PRO mode, Brake-Energy Regeneration and 50:50 weight distributions.

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We have seen plenty of new launches this month from many premium auto manufacturers Porsche today have launched their sporty SUV Macan in India. Porsche has offered 2 variants of the Macan namely the Macan S Diesel priced at Rs. 98.18 Lakhs (Ex Showroom Maharashtra) and the top of the line Macan Turbo which has been priced at Rs. 1.09 crores (Ex Showroom Maharashtra).

The Macan S Diesel is powered by a 3.0 Liter V6 diesel unit producing 245 hp of peak power in between 4,000 - 4,500 rpm and 580 Nm of torque between 1,750 - 2,500 rpm. This engine has a top speed of 230 km/h mark and can accelerate from 0 -100 km/h mark in just 6.3 seconds. While the more powerful Macan Turbo is powered by a 3.6-litre V6 biturbo engine which produces 400 hp of peak power at 6000 rpm and 550 Nm of peak torque in between 1,350 - 4,500 rpm. This powerful version of Macan SUV has a top speed of 266 km/h and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h mark in just 4.8 seconds. Both the above mentioned engines are mated to a 7-Speed Porsche PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission.

This SUV measure 4,699 mm in Length while it has an overall width of 1,923 mm. Now many of you must be wondering that this is a small SUV maybe the size of an Audi Audi Q5 then why it is priced so steeply here? That is because the Porsche Macan provides many new high end features for example you get an all-wheel drive system, PDK, multi-function sport steering wheel with shift paddles, high-performance audio system and an electrically operated tailgate at the rear, air suspension system, lighting package, bi-xenon headlamps as well as three-zone climate control as standard.

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Yes!! We all were waiting for this MPV eagerly and finally it has been launched in the Indian market today. I am talking about the Honda Mobilio MPV which was launched by the Japanese auto giant today.

The demand for the MPV’s suddenly picked up its pace and there are already some of the interesting products present in the Indian market, for we have the popular Toyota Innova which still sells like Hot cake or the recently launched Ertiga which has become the worthy competitor to the popular Innova and is from the house of one of the most popular and trustworthy car manufacturers of India Maruti Suzuki.

Now, we even saw Datsun who unveiled their new GO+ MPV, based on the GO hatchback which was recently launched in the Indian market, at a Motor Show in Indonesia. To keep the competition hot and to counter attack the revived brand, Honda unveiled the Mobilio that follows the footsteps of most MPVs like the Ertiga and the GO+, by borrowing the platform and looks from their hatchback.

We already are quite aware of the fact that most auto manufacturers use the Indonesian platform to launch their MPVs as it is one of the most important MPV markets of the world. The Honda Mobilio Honda Mobilio will be the first model from Honda that will compete in the low priced MPV segment, which happens to be the best selling category in Indonesia. Although the front face looks a bit similar to the Honda Brio Honda Brio , things look different as soon as you set your sight to its sides and rear. It does a better job of setting itself apart, unlike the Datsun GO+ that looks like an elongated GO.

So let’s find out all the details of this new Mobilio MPV from the Japanese auto giant Honda and also find out whether it has what it takes to take on its rivals in the Indian market?

UPDATE 23/07/14 Honda launched their Mobilio MPV in the Indian market today with prices starting at Rs. 6.49 Lakhs (Ex Showroom Delhi).

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Honda Cars India has launched their much awaited Mobilio MPV finally in the Indian market today with prices starting from Rs.6.49 Lakhs onward (ex showroom Delhi) for the base E Petrol trim while the top end Diesel RS trim is priced at Rs. 10.86 lakh (Ex Showroom Delhi).

The 7 seater Mobilio is built on the extended Brio hatch platform and promises to offer a blend of sporty exterior and practical and spacious interior. The Mobilio has been developed at the Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. located in Bangkok, Thailand and Honda claims that they had done a thorough market survey in India about Indian peoples driving needs and lifestyle and used all those inputs in developing the Mobilio MPV.

The Mobilio MPV is 4386 mm long, 1683 mm wide and has a turning radius of 5.2 meters which will especially be helpful in maneuvering the MPV in city traffic. The cabin is spacious and wide opening doors and the second row seats in particular with the 60:40 split fold-and-tumble type with slide & recline option and one-motion fold-down function provides an easy access to the third row seats. The 50:50 spilt folding type third row seats in particular promises to offer enough head and leg room for the passengers, these third row seats can further be folded down to create enough boot space at the rear. One big letdown however is the dashboard though which will remind you of the Brio hatch and Amaze compact sedan, Honda has omitted the faux wood inlay dash also in their newly launched MPV.

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Jaguar has always been known for making some of the World most performance oriented and luxury cars, this British auto manufacturer introduced the Jaguar XJ Jaguar XJ sedan way back in the year 1968 and was one of the most popular high profile and prestigious models in the automobile history but in the recent years stiff competition from other premium auto manufacturers slowly dropped the dust on the Jaguar XJ’s name but Jaguar once again tried to bring the XJ saloon into the limelight and launched the updated 2014 XJ in the International market which definitely has everything that you always wanted from a luxury premium saloon of this size and caliber.

Indian consumers too received an opportunity of getting their hands on the XJ whose roots are dug deep into the automotive history and now Indian consumers can truly praise Jaguar for what they have done. The British Auto manufacturer who is currently owned by our homegrown auto manufacturer Tata Tata Motors has started the local assembly of the XJ saloon in India and which has resulted in lowering the overall prices of this premium saloon and making it one tough competitor for other luxurious auto manufacturers.

The 2014 XJ is available with both diesel and petrol engine options and combines the pinnacle of luxury along with performance. The 2.0 Liter petrol engine produces 177 KW of peak power and 340 Nm of peak torque while the 3.0 Liter V6 diesel engine definitely packs more punch this engine is capable of producing 202 KW of power and an amazing 600 Nm of torque.

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