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Bright Red Colored Sportscar’s are perhaps everyone’s dream and we have got them right here on exclusively for our readers. In this video you can clearly see Autocar.UK test drives two of the hottest Sports Coupes available in the market today. One comes from the iconic British auto manufacturer while the other all the way from the land of some of the most popular premium car manufacturers of the World Germany.

Both the Jaguar F-Type Coupe and the Porsche Cayman GTS packs lot of punch and are rear wheel drive vehicles which actually doubles the excitement and the fun quotient. Now both this cars almost costs the same in the market but they are two different cars which have two different character. Now the Jag F-Type Coupe has Supercharged V6 engine has been mated to an eight speed paddle shift gearbox while the Porsche Cayman GTS 3.4 Liter Flat 6 uses a 6 speed manual gearbox. Mr. Steve Sutcliffe test drives these beauties and describes how they handle.

The Jaguar F-Type V6 S Coupe is powered by a 2995 cc supercharged petrol engine which produces about 375 hp of peak power at 6500 rpm and 450 Nm torque in between 3500-5000 rpm. It has an overall top speed of 171mph and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h mark in just 4.8 seconds where there is also a more powerful V8 version of this car available in the market. This F-Type Coupe is fast and what else will attract your attention is the wicked exhaust note coming out from its rear. The cabin too is driver focused and the driver sits in a good commanding position and gets an easy access to everything.

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Do we ever forget an old War Hero?

Atleast I don’t think so because they have served us with all their strength and
courage when there was no one around. You might all be thinking who am I referring to in these above lines well! I am talking about the iconic Mercedes Benz model series 124. Recently the 124 Series from the legendary German premium auto manufacturer Mercedes Benz has earned the H registration plate which actually signifies that they have achieved the young Classics status.

This car has number of prestigious awards under its name and if you ask me the 124 series have seen and experienced it all. The iconic series was actually available with various body shapes and sizes and between the time periods of 1984 to 1997 more than 2.7 million units of these were made which also speaks of its popularity. The premium saloon was launched back in the year 1984 and replaced the W123 model., it was available with the following models which included the 200 D, 250 D, 300 D, 200, 230 E, 260 E, and 300 E.

This car was actually popular for its solid built quality and advanced German engineering, later in the year 1993 the model series name was changed to the E Class. This saloon featured a suspension system with individual wishbone control arms at the front and a multi-link independent suspension at the rear and was popular amongst the crowd for its impressive handling, advanced safety features. The E Class design was inspired from the W 201 and possessed clear sporty lines and body panels which were made out of high-strength steel and people back then specially preferred it for its advanced technological features it carried back then, the interior comfort and spaciousness and offcourse its modern design.

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When you say “Mercedes Benz ” the first thing that comes to the mind are the luxury premium sedans or those sporty overpowered AMG tuned cars but the German premium automaker also knows a thing or two about SUV’s and have a pretty impressive collection of hardcore SUV’s under their product portfolio. Take for example the mighty old Dinosaur G-Class or the sportier and capable GL -Class but our hot favorite got to be the ML-Class. Yes! This may not be as big or bulky like the other two but surely has all the hardware and ability to take you out of any situation.

The Mid-size premium SUV was first offered to the world in the year 1997 as a 1998 model and it quickly gained popularity because of its shape, size and fuel efficient engines. Mercedes launched the updated ML-Class in India and guess what it is even assembled in Mercedes Benz, Pune plant in India. This is the third generation ML Class that is being sold currently in both International and Indian market as well while the International markets can choose from both petrol and diesel engine options but here in India it is available with only two diesel engine options which include the 350 CDI and the smaller and more fuel efficient 250 CDI. So what else will you get with the ML Class?

Well! You get a vehicle which is capable on urban roads and transforms itself to be equally capable offroader when you feel like having some real fun. Although Mercedes has already started testing the new generation ML Class and hopefully it too will be launched in our Indian market in the coming years but till then you have to remain satisfied with the current generation SUV that is being sold here in India. Here is all the information of the 3rd generation ML Class which is available now in our Country.

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The concept of owning a premium Crossover may sound new to many but we already have few important cars in this segment available in India, take for example the BMW BMW X1 or the Audi Q3 now another popular German premium auto manufacturer, Mercedes was missing from the action but in the year 2013, they showcased their own version of a compact premium Crossover called the GLA Class at the Frankfurt Auto show and although they launched the crossover in some of the International markets already but not yet in India which is also one their important markets for compact cars. Don’t be upset if you have seen the images and found it interesting and want to own one for yourself or your family then you surely can because Mercedes Benz has already decided that they will be launching the GLA in India on September 30th 2014.

So this X1 and the Q3 competitor is already grabbing lot of attention even before its launch that’s because nobody really expected a compact Crossover from a brand who is mostly famous for their bigger and bulkier SUV’s like the M and GL Class. Now the GLA is not typically a SUV which is quite clear from its sporty stance and more A Class hatch inspired looks but this is not exactly the same A-class hatch although both the GLA and A-Class share the same platform. Mercedes has been able to give the car its own unique character and styling and quite frankly it looks like nothing else that came out from the Merc’s stable.

Although Mercedes has not revealed much about the new GLA except its launch date and a trailer of this upcoming crossover but we expect that Mercedes Mercedes will be launching this new vehicle with both diesel and engine options and a 7 speed automatic transmission which actually will make the car more fun and exciting to drive.

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Nissan Sunny

Now we all know that the festive season is the best time to for buying new cars and this is also the time when Auto manufacturers provide heavy discounts and offers on their various products to attract the attention of their consumers.

Nissan is the first auto manufacturer in this race, they before the start of this festive season already announced some interesting new offers on their products and we are here to provide you detailed information about them. First of all let us inform you that the discount is only available on selective variants of the
Micra hatchback, Sunny sedan, Evalia MUV and the Terrano Compact SUV.

The Nissan Micra is offered with an exchange bonus for upto Rs.40, 000. Their recently launched sedan Sunny is also offered with special discounts and some attractive schemes which is totaling to upto Rs. 1, 45, 000 on selective variants offcourse which also includes gift cheque and some other benefits. The Discount rain does not end here only it, the Sunny will also be available for an exchange bonus of upto Rs. 60, 000.

Now if your preferred choice of vehicle is the Terrano SUV then perhaps this will surely bring a smile on your face because the Terrano SUV will be now available with a festive bonus of Rs. 50, 000 which also includes gift cheque and exchange benefits, while the Evalia MPV will be available with a free insurance of 1 year. The heavy exchange bonus will also encourage the existing car owners to upgrade their old car with any of their popular Nissan cars.

But remember the offers will last only till October 31st 2014 only.

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This is completely a new product which was first showcased by Mercedes-Benz at the 2013, Frankfurt Motor Show and guess what it is coming to our shores on 30th September 2014. The GLA is not exactly a hardcore offroader like the bigger M and GL but it surely posses similar DNA afterall it’s coming out from the same place which is also the home for those bigger SUV’s.

The GLA Crossover will compete directly with the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3 when launched in India and also will give those people a chance who wants to get a taste of the premium SUV without burning a hole in their pocket. That’s right! The soon to be launched Mercedes Benz GLA will be priced around Rs. 30 lakhs when it will be launched in India.

Now I know this is quite an exciting new toy for all of those Mercedes fans out there, so without any further due let us give you some important information and facts about this soon to be launched GLA Crossover which also has duel character, which means it can be your luxurious daily commute to the office on weekdays while you can also use it for finding your way through some serious dirt, mud, water and forest during the weekends.

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As we already informed you readers earlier that Mercedes Benz has revealed the facelift B Class even before its official debut at the 2014 Paris Motor show. The new B Class comes with many exterior and interior upgrades and definitely looks sportier and more like that of the already available A Class .

On its exterior it gets a restyled front bumper which now has bigger air intakes while the Restyled headlamp unit gets LED daytime running lamps alongside the optional High performance LED headlights which will make night driving safer. The rest of the exterior upgrades include a Bicolor LED tail lamps and a newly designed rear bumper. On the inside the facelift B Class gets a bigger free standing head display unit and new stylish and sporty dials.

In this video you can watch the facelift 2015 Mercedes Benz B-Class in action and also the new designs and equipment lines which will be available with the B Class which include the AMG line, Urban Line and the Style Line. But in this video only the AMG Line has been showcased which is then followed by the B220 CDI which gets a different exterior styling than the AMG Line. Later in the video we can also watch the Electric Drive in action which offcourse! Won’t be available for our Indian market, the facelift B Class however remains mechanically unchanged and thus it will still be available with a diesel and petrol engine option in India.

You can read our entire first impression of the Mercedes B Class facelift here .

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Ford India today launched a mildly refreshed version of the Ford Figo which comes with minor exterior and interior updates.

The exterior update includes smoky finished fog lamp bezels, newly designed 14 inch alloy wheels and a rear bumper valance. It also gets a chrome signature Fender badge and also integrated turn indicators on the power mirrors which actually enhance the overall premium appeal of this hatch. This new refreshed Ford Figo will also be available in eight colors which include Kinetic Blue, Mars Red, Diamond White, Moondust Silver, Chill Metallic, Panther Black, Smoke Grey and Paprika Red.

The interior of this refreshed Figo will be available with a special Cyber Blue and two-layer of satin aluminium finish trim on the duel toned seat fabric, center stack and door pull handles which actually looks quite interesting and quite frankly adds a refreshed new look to the dated cabin.

There has been absolutely no change made under the hood and thus it is still powered by the 1.2 Duratec Petrol producing about 71 ps of peak power and 102 Nm of torque and 1.4 Duratorq Diesel pro producing about 69 Ps of peak power and 160 Nm of torque. Both the engines are mated to a 5 speed manual transmission.

The refreshed Ford Figo is priced at Rs. 3.97 Lakhs (EX-Showroom Delhi) while the Diesel variant is priced at Rs. 4.83 lakhs (Ex Showroom Delhi).

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The whole idea of compact Luxury segment cars is new and every other premium auto manufacturing brand is taking their dig in this segment. Mercedes-Benz is one such brand who developed their introduced their compact cars back in the year 1997, when they launched the first generation A-Class codenamed (W168), while the second generation model was introduced back in the year 2005, to be frank initially their compact cars were not a huge success. The German premium auto manufacturer later in the year 2005 introduced the B Class which unlike their other products was actually was a front wheel drive vehicle and shared the same platform and some of the engines with the A Class but it was also equipped with some more powerful engines which added to its advantage.

Now, Mercedes calls the B Class a compact Sports Tourer instead of a hatchback but let’s just say keeping in mind our Indian consumers preference, needs and outlook towards cars we are calling it a proper premium hatchback which has 5 doors (including the Boot door at the rear), a spacious interior and all the comfort features that you will expect out of an entry level premium car. Mercedes Benz has launched the B Class in India in 2013 and it was well received by the Indian consumers who wanted a spacious car than the sporty looking rather smaller A Class but I am sure although they loved everything about their car but wanted its appearance to be sportier and impressive just like the A Class hatch. Well! Perhaps Mercedes too disliked the appearance of their B Class and that is the also perhaps the reason why Mercedes unveiled the facelift B Class to the world which definitely appears to be sportier than its predecessor. Mercedes besides just improving the appearance of this Sports Tourer also has worked on its interior; unfortunately the new B Class facelift remains unchanged under the hood.

Mercedes will showcase their facelift B Class at the 2014 Paris motor Show which will be held in the month of October and it will most probably make its way on the Indian shores sometimes in the year 2015. So below provided are our first impression of the 2015 Mercedes B Class facelift.

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Don’t you think time flies real fast when you are involved deeply in your work? Because it’s another weekend already which means its video time right?

But just unlike every week this week we have planned something different and very special, no we are not bringing you videos from the fast pace world of drag racing and or extremely powerful cars instead we are here with something which is more elegant and tells a story of few extremely skilled craftsman and the effort they put behind building the World’s most expensive BMW 7 Series sedan ever.

That’s right! BMW 7 Series Individual Sterling edition is one such premium sedan which gives a new meaning to the word Luxury and that we can only imagine of. BMW 7 Series Individual Sterling edition is the most expensive 7 Series of all time and the reason of being so expensive is that the car is equipped with more than 10 Kilograms of Silver. Yes! Ladies and Gentleman the 7 Series Individual Sterling editions has the touches of silver all over its interior as well as exterior. The Silver that has been used in the sedan is actually is also manufactured by the renowned Robee and Berking.

MR. Oliver Berking owner of the Robee and Bering says that each peace is a masterpiece that are created by the company and they are totally made by hand and how they have been working with since the year 1874. He also says that they depend on human hand and not on machines for the creation of such masterpieces because they believe that only a human hand and can creates such masterpieces and bring such perfection.

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