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Ford Endeavour has been a strong player in the Indian automotive sector for quite long time. This stylish and muscular SUV is one of the first SUVs India, which generally paved the way for the adventure loving generation of the country.

The existing SUV has been fulfilling trhe needs for thrill seeking Indians for a long time, and now, we are about to experience a new era in the history of Ford Endeavour.

The American auto giant is all set to bring the new restyled and redesigned Ford Endeavour, which is also called Everest in different parts of the globe, fortunately the ‘Endeavour’ name remains same in India.

As Ford is showing off this vehicle in their website and in the auto shows, it is clear that the launch of this new beast is imminent in India. We have got quite a few glimpses of this beautiful beast since late 2014. It is evident, that Indian people is showing a keen interest towards the new cars, new concepts, and a large part of that is SUV.

The new generation, who are the largest customer base in the country for every auto brand, prefers off roading, adventurous vehicles, and that too in a luxurious package. There comes the SUVs, and Ford Endeavour aka Everest looks every penny of it. We assume; it will be a really interesting event to watch how this car unfolds itself against all other off roading beasts.

Now, as the launch is nearing, there is a question rising up. How well this SUV can perform an off road duty? What actually are the off roading capabilities of new Ford Endeavour aka Everest?

We tried to find the answers to these questions.

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Before getting started we must inform you all that Fiat has launched the Linea sedan in India couple of years back and although it came with beautiful Italian design, spacious interior and powerful engine options under its hood it didn’t performed as Fiat would have expected. Infact neither of Fiat products were actually popular in the Indian market until recently they are planning to bring a slew of new and exciting products which will definitely attract some attention. The best thing about Fiat is that they have actually decided to introduce the Abarth Abarth brand in India. What is even more interesting is the fact that the Italian auto manufacturer even decided to give some existing products the Abarth touches including the Punto Evo and Punto based Crossover the Avventura.

Now according to the recent report Fiat is actually planning to introduce the successor of their now ageing Linea. They have actually very few options in their hand actually either Fiat could introduce the Grand Sienna sedan which is for sale in the Brazilian market while the other option is their recently introduced Egea sedan which is the production spec variant of the concept Aegea project which was showcased not so long ago at the Istanbul Motor show.

The problem with the Grand Sienna compact sedan is that it looks boring and almost identical to the Linea sedan and thus this won’t definitely attract any attention or strike any bells amongst the Indian customers who also look for sheer styling along with features. So there is a fair possibility that Fiat might introduce the Egea compact sedan which not only looks interesting but also comes packed with many new features.

Now that Fiat Chrystler has already started production of this new sedan in Turkey then there is a fair chance of its making it to the Indian shores in the near future as a replacement of the Linea sedan.

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This person does not really need any introduction or does he? I am talking about none other the ex WWE wrestler turned actor, producer and business entrepreneur Dwayne Johnson.

Recently the American Auto Manufacturer Ford announced that Dwayne Johnson who is also commonly known as the ‘The Rock’ has become the face for their new advertising campaign.

Called ‘The Specialist at Ford’ the group is an elite crew of Fords technicians led by Dwayne Johnson. This dedicated team of technicians has received all the training and got all the tools and parts to service any Ford vehicle at any local Ford dealerships. Dwayne’s on screen presence and his success as an action hero on big screen has also earned him lot of respect. He personally is also a huge fan of Ford vehicle and owns three of them already. However his personal favorite is the new Ford F150 which he also owns and drives because with his tall and strong stature he definitely cannot fit into a small sportscar. His genuine liking for this particular brand itself makes this a great partnership.

The television ads for this particular campaign will start airing in televisions from October 12th which will then also be followed by radio digital and social spots. Ford along with Dwayne Johnson together will develop new contents which will keep this campaign new and fresh for the coming years.

Unfortunately this new campaign is specific to the US market only.

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Toyota Motors is the most searched automobile brand all around the world. In India too, Toyota has a large fan base, among which many are dedicated customers of the Japanese automobile brand. As they released their latest sales report, it seems Toyota brand is steeply on rise in Indian automobile market.

In the period from January to September, 2015, Toyota Kirloskar Motors has sold a total number of 12653 units in India, which is 11% growth compare to the same period last year. Toyota Camry and Toyota Etios series is one of the most popular models from the Japanese auto giant. Toyota assumes, the 11% growth is recorded due to the growing popularity of these cars. They have sold 11401 units in the domestic market and exported 1252 units of the Etios in September 2015 while during the same period in 2014, Toyota Kirloskar Motors has sold 12542 units of Etios in the Indian domestic market and exported 1502 units of the Etios.

Commenting on the latest sales report, Mr. N Raja, who is the Director and Senior Vice – President of Sales and Marketing, Toyota Kirloskar Motors, has said, “We have maintained cumulative growth of 11% from January to September 2015 when compared to the industry which has grown 5% from January to August in 2015. This growth can be attributed to the growing popularity of models like the Corolla, the Etios and especially the Camry Hybrid that has been very well accepted by the market. We are hopeful that with the recent repo rate cut and the approaching festive season, we will soon see a boost in sales in the upcoming months.”

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Nach Baliye has been a popular dance reality show for quite long time in Indian television space. This time Honda Car India Ltd. was a part of it and they gifted brand new Honda Jazz to the winners of the Nach Baliye season 7. At a glittering ceremony at Solitaire Honda in Andheri, Mumbai the brand new Jazz was handed to Amruta Khanvilkar and Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra, who were the grand finale winners of the Nach Baliye season 7. They were presented the keys by Ashish Kaul, who is the Zonal Head, West, Honda Cars India Ltd. Also present in the ceremony was Mr. Krishna Kachlia of Solitaire Honda.

Speaking on this occasion Mr. Jnaneswar Sen, who is the Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Honda Cars India Ltd. has said, “We would like to congratulate the winners of Nach Baliye season 7 and thank Star Plus for associating with Honda Cars India. The show has been extremely popular among the younger audience who is also our primary target audience for the all new Jazz. The new generation Jazz is packed with futuristic and aspirational styling which resonates well with the viewers of the programme and hence it was great to be associated with one of India’s most popular dance reality show.” The new generation Honda Jazz Honda Jazz comes as the best functional compact hatchback of the world; and it offers dynamic design. It also comes with class leading fuel efficiency, advanced technologies and equipments.

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Remember the IM-4 concept which was first showcased at the Geneva Motor Show? This was Suzuki’s attempt at the compact Crossover segment. This concept was definitely not a rugged looking one but was actually more of an Urban Crossover. Recently Suzuki announced that they will be unveiling the IM—4 Crossover’s production ready variant and it has been christened as IGNIS.

Although nothing much has been revealed yet about this compact Crossover but this particular vehicle will help the Japanese auto manufacturer to foray into the competitive compact SUV space. If we talk about styling then definitely Suzuki has not made any major change to the exterior of this Crossover and thus this production ready model looks identical to the concept.

The IGNIS has been fitted with a large mesh grille towards the front with the Suzuki logo in the middle; the squarish appearing headlamps are wrapped around with the grille and looks like a single unit which definitely looks impressive. The short front bonnet is followed by a huge windshield which will definitely help the drivers to get a commanding view of the road ahead. Towards the side profile both the A and B Pillars are blacked out which gives it a premium appeal. The Crossover further also gets stylish looking alloy wheels as well.

According to Suzuki the IGNIS promises to bridge the gap between daily life and leisure life. What makes it a practical Crossover is the fact that it comes with an impressive ground clearance which will help it take on any terrain with ease. The IGNIS also gets a practical interior as well.

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Most of our readers and are well acquainted with the term ‘Hot hatch’ which is actually shortened version of hot hatchback. For those who don’t, these hatches is actually the more performance oriented variant of their regular body forms.

Honestly, I never thought that I will ever get a chance to write something about these cars sitting in India but thanks to Fiat we are able to get a taste of hot hatch now.

Recently Fiat launched the Abarth 595 Competizione here which is actually a performance oriented variant of the standard Fiat 500. Although this car may be way beyond reach of many because this is actually a premium offering from the Italian Auto manufacturer and is targeted mainly towards those customers who are actually finding an alternative for the Mini Cooper S .

But what about those customers who are running on a tight budget but wants to get a taste of a hot hatchback? To our surprise Fiat, acted as a savior for them too and decided to launch a performance oriented variant of their entry level hatch Punto Evo, which is actually a facelift variant of the Punto hatchback.

So is it just a sticker work and a new paint job or there is something more to it?

Thankfully it’s not, Abarth Punto Evo was showcased infront of the public at the Buddh International Circuit during the time of the Abarth 595 launch, it not only adorned the Abarth Abarth Scorpion badge but actually gets a more powerful 1.4 Litre T-Jet engine which also powers the Linea sedan. This new unit replaces the 1.4 Litre petrol unit which powers the standard car.

Does the 1.4 Litre T-Jet actually make any difference?

Offcourse! It does make a huge difference, the new engine generates about 143 Bhp of peak power under the hood which is almost 53 Bhp hike compared to the 90 Bhp that the 1.4 Litre unit produces under the hood of the standard hatchback.

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He is James Bond. The most suave, attractive, earthy, raw British secret agent of all time from MI6. As we are all gearing up to see him in action once again in Spectre, we are also cherishing the visual experiences of our previous meetings. And when it is Mr. Bond, how can we forget about the delicate and state of the art cars he drove all around the world for all this time?

In a few days from now on, James will be seen speeding in his brand new Aston Martin DB10 through the banks of Tiber in Rome. As we have already seen, James was speeding in his stunning Aston Martin DB10, on the banks of Tiber in a high speed chase scene, which involved a Jaguar CX75. Agent 007 has a keen taste for everything British, from dressing to cars, which we know very well. He always preferred the British luxury car brand for his first choice. Just like the way he grips his MI6 issue Walther PPK, he grips the Aston Martin steering, delicately though, like the way he holds his girls; Bond girls we meant to say.

Bond cars are always as stunning as Bond movies are. These cars come equipped with state of the art gadgets, various unique defensive mechanisms and features. We have seen Bond’s first Aston Martin; the DB5 came with an ejector seat. This time too, Bond’s latest Aston Martin DB10 will come with a flame thrower, as we have seen in the fast paced trailers of the movie Spectre.

Not only the Aston Martins, James drove many other brands of cars too, like Alpha Romeo, Bentley, BMW, Citroen, Lotus, Toyota, Volkswagen etc. He even drove a T-55 tank in Russia. Sometimes, he drove those cars himself; sometimes he took the front passenger seats. Here we brought you a short look at those vehicles, which were non Aston Martins, yet ferried the most famous secret agent time to time.

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James Bond’s latest Aston Martin DB10 is making an appearance at the ODEON cinema, Leicester Square, London. This car was specially made for the latest upcoming James Bond flick Spectre which is set to release worldwide in a few days. British luxury auto manufacturer Aston Martin made only 10 of these bespoke coupe sports cars. One of them is now on display at the ODEON cinema, as the pre release promotion of the movie.

This Aston Martin DB10 from SPECTRE was unveiled on Sunday 27th September and it will be at the cinema until Monday 5 October public display. Like any other Bond car of the past this car too is gorgeous and feature packed. It comes powered by a V12 engine, and as we have seen in the trailers of the movie, this car is equipped with a flame thrower, which we have seen Bond using during his chase sequence on the banks of Tiber River in Rome. As we have heard, these 10 bespoke Aston Martin DB10s would go on auction as the specially made Bond cars. Incidentally, James Bond and Aston Martin, the two iconic British institutions shares an association dated back to more than half a century. Even Aston Martin celebrated their association with Bond by launching a special limited edition Aston Martin DB9 GT Bond Edition a few days back. The first Aston Martin car featured in Bond movie was the Aston Martin DB5, which we have seen in the last movie Skyfall too. As per the storytelling, Bond’s beloved Aston Martin DB5 died a brutal death in hand of 007’s enemy. Therefore he needed an all new car, and there comes the new Aston Martin DB10.

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Mahindra finally aired the television commercials for their latest compact SUV TUV300 , which was launched on 10th September. It was bit surprising after the car got launched, and there was no television commercials at all. Although, we have seen the images from the shooting location of this advertisement, but the advertisement itself came late indeed.

In the ad, the protagonist is actor Prabhas from the movie ‘Bahubali’, released a few days ago. The video shows some rugged looking village of Rajasthan, where in a fort looking place a kid is getting abducted by the goons. Then enters Prabhas and his Mahindra TUV300, breaking a wooden door of the fort. After a few seconds of chasing scene, going through the fireball, it seems the advertisement is very much average and it may come appealing to the rural India, but there is less chance of the urban people is going to like such an advertisement. At the end of the video the director compliments Prabhas saying, it was, “Great shot.”; although the the actor reluctantly wants to give a retake of the shot. Well, what can we say! We would like to watch a retake of the advertisement with some unique storyboard, not such average 1980’s Hindi movie style chase and win drama.

Mahindra claims their latest addition Mahindra TUV300 comes with raw power, and it appeals to the rural and urban people of India, who love sheer power and off roading capability with a bit of style and luxury. This TUV300 serves all those purposes indeed. According to Mahindra, this vehicle comes with a look, which was inspired vehemently from battle tank, and it was built entirely by Mahindra’s in house engineers. This car comes with a look which resembles with the Mahindra Bolero , Jeep and Mahindra Quanto , which was the first compact SUV from the Indian origin auto manufacturer. It is powered by a 1.5 liter 3 cylinder mHawk80 diesel engine, which is quite powerful.

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