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Almost 90 vehicles were burnt to crisp at Pune’s Sinhagad area. This incident took place in the wee hours of Sunday when the residents of the area woke up after hearing explosions in their neighborhood and to their shock they found that all the vehicles that were parked in their parking area was caught up in flames. The damage included almost eight cars, 77 two wheelers and seven bicycles which were burned to crisp in almost five parking lots of different housing societies.

However the victims whose vehicles were destroyed does not belong to a single housing society almost five housing societies people were affected around the Sun City area of Pune. The targeted areas were Dominos Pizza parking in Anandnagar, Suryanagari Society, A and B wings of Swaminarayan Apartment, Akshay Glory Apartment, Avadhoot Arcade and Ram Heights.

The incident is said to have occurred in between 3 AM and 4:30 AM when all the residents were fast asleep. According to the report residents of the society woke to a loud bang and to their disbelief they found out that their parking area was caught under heavy fire and all the vehicles were exploding one after another while the rest were caught up in heavy flames. Although the fire Brigade was called and they were able to bring the fire under control at around 5 AM but till then the damage was already done.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police said that they have checked that security camera footage and of all the places and was able to spot the suspect. The suspect set those vehicles on fire by actually pulling out the external fuel pipes of the motorcycles and causing the intentional leakage and then setting the fire, while the fire was spread by chain reaction.

Fortunately there were no reports of any causality except few minor burn injuries. Until now no arrest have been made yet.

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The first generation Cruze hit the market back in the year 2008 and since then it has been one important product for Chevrolet because Chevy was able to sell more than 3.5 Million units of the car which speaks of its popularity not only in the US market but global market as well. This car is not only popular in the US market but Indian market as well and since the Cruze has been here since 2009 people are well aware of this particular sedan.

Only recently Chevrolet has taken the wraps off from the second generation Cruze which according to the American Auto manufacturer is lighter, loaded and more fuel efficient than the sedan it replaces. What is even more exciting is the fact that the new generation Cruze looks totally different from its predecessor and if you look at it then you will release that this sedan appears to be more athletic and slim and is also based on GM’s new D2 FWD platform.

Not only has Chevrolet made some serious changes to its exterior but the interior too received some fair bit of change as well including a new infotainment system and roomier interiors. Under the hood the Cruze gets an all new 1.4L turbo engine with direct injection unit which promises to offer an impressive amount of power as well as fuel efficiency at the same time. The new Cruze definitely looks promising and will help give its competitors some tough competition.

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Alpha Romeo surely attracted all the eyes of the world when they decided to take the cover off their new offering called the Giulia.

This 4 door sedan looks extraordinary and it was developed by a team of designers and stylists who calls themselves ‘Skunks’. This sedan definitely looks futuristic and also comes with modern designs but they have not let go of the old heritage as well which can be clearly seen from their design. Under the hood the Giulia is equipped with a Ferrari V6 unit. This car will be made available in both RWD and all wheel drive architecture while its platform is developed Maserati themselves.

This has been engineered to perfection and gets a perfect 50/50 weight balance distribution and in order to achieve that the engineers have actually placed the engine and other mechanical parts in between the two axles. Coming to the power output the V6 unit from Ferrari is capable of producing about 510 HP of peak power. All this power helps the car to sprint from 0-100 km/h mark in just 3.9 seconds. All that extreme performance figures was possible because the 6 cylinders of the engine are built completely of Aluminum which has helped in weight reduction.

Watch and enjoy the video…

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Chevrolet unveiled the all new generation Cruze yesterday and this new Cruze definitely promises to be bigger in space, fuel efficient and more sophisticated sedan compared to its predecessor. The Cruze which also happens to be Chevrolet’s best selling global car also comes equipped with plenty of new technologies including Andriod Auto, Apple Car play and also new active safety features which could save your life during a mishap. Apart from the technology the new sedan is also more spacious while the exterior too is much different than the previous generation car.

When we talk about performance the new 2016 Cruze is actually powered by a new turbo engine while it also was able to shed almost 24 Kilograms which was possible because of the leaner and slimmer architecture. The new Cruze definitely looks sharper and has been built around an all new stronger and lighter body structure which not only takes care of its performance but also its fuel efficiency as well.

Coming to the styling the Cruze definitely has lost some muscle and looks slimmer and in par with its rivals. The front profile gets new projector headlamps along with integrated LED signature lamps. Beside the new headlamps the sedan also gets a completely restyled front grille along with new bumpers. While towards the side profile things definitely looks more aerodynamic and less muscular, apart from the swooping roofline the Cruze also comes with new set of alloy wheels (15 inch for the lower variants while the top end variants gets 17-inch or 18-inch wheels). Towards the rear things look sharper with cuts and creases and new set of taillamps.

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The E-Class is the Mercedes Benz largest selling premium sedan in India and the new generation car was introduced about a year ago which was far better looking and filled with many new and exciting features which was also inspired from the bigger and more luxurious S-Class.

Recently the premium German Auto manufacturing brand has introduced the 2016 model year E Class in the Country and this new premium sedan comes with some minor upgrades which definitely have given this car some more edge and thus now has turned into a more value for money product. For starters the 2016 E Class now comes equipped with the new Telematics multimedia system which combines the best of entertainment, infotainment and communication. This new infotainment system also comes with pre installed maps for easy navigation, radio, Bluetooth and offcourse CD player and last but not the least an internet connection. This infotainment system also comes with a high resolution 20.3 cm color display.

The Telematics system comprises of a USB port and SD card slot in the centre console while the navigation system gets the pre installed GARMIN MAP PILOT navigation. This navigation system has 7,068 cities mapped at a street level and residential house level data for 80 cities and over 10.63 million POIs. 3D terrain-, building- and landmark view The other features includes a integrated media interface via an I-Pod or an I-Phone, while one can also transfers addresses from mobile phone to the system. Beside all these features the infotainment system also gets reverse camera with dynamic guide lines.

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Today we have got some bad news for you all according to the report Chevrolet won’t be launching the new Spark (A.K.A Beat) in India but don’t get extremely disappointed because Chevrolet will definitely launch a new generation Beat in the Indian market which will be based on the current generation Beat hatchback platform available in the Indian market.

According to the Chevrolet the new generation Spark which was unveiled couple of months ago is based on the new M2 platform which is mainly targeted towards the developed markets of the World and hence will prove too costly for the Indian market as it is a developing market. As a result the cost structure which is required to build the new Chevrolet Spark/Beat will be too high to make it work for markets such as India which actually is a very cost competitive market.

But because the current Beat is also ageing and its competitors are definitely taking on the market by storm, Chevrolet decided to introduce a new generation Beat which will be based on the M300 platform which is actually used by the current generation Beat. Now the reports also states that that the next generation Beat which although will be based on the old platform will share lot of its components from the new generation Spark which was introduced in the International market. Just to give you an idea the new generation Beat which will be launched in the Indian market will borrow the same infotainments system from the new International Spark which also comes with a 7 inch touchscsreen.

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The M-Class has been in the International market since the year 1997 and to be honest this SUV is also the best looking vehicle that this German premium auto manufacturer offers. Be it looks, interior or offroading credibility the M-Class surely impressed us all nut there comes a time when you have to make way for the new and that is what Mercedes Benz has done exactly.

The new generation M-Class was launched back in 2011 and it came with many new improvements including interior comfort, safety and also more fuel efficiency. Now Mercedes has given the M-Class some thorough facelift including a new name which offcourse is planned according to the new Mercedes Benz Nomenclature.

The new GLE which is just a facelift variant of the M Class but it definitely also has more than just name change to it has received a completely new styling both towards the front and rear while under the hood too the new SUV will also set a new benchmark in terms of emission and drive system. What is even more exciting is also the fact that Mercedes Benz has also provided a new plug in hybrid model which not only saves fuel but at the same time is equally responsive like any conventional motors.

Lastly for those who want raw power they can definitely get their hands on the AMG variants as well.

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Hyundai definitely has built quite a lot of anticipation around their soon to be launched compact SUV called the Creta. Recently we have reported that the Creta was caught testing undisguised and it revealed us all the details of the compact SUV (You can read that news here). But recently some more images of the Creta SUV emerged online which reveals a lot about the vehicle and quite surprisingly they also was able to click some images of the interior as well.

Now these images surely revealed everything about the Creta and styling wise this upcoming SUV looks exactly identical to the ix25 SUV which was launched in the Chinese market. According to Hyudai the Creta will be making its world premiere in India and perhaps to justify their words the Creta which was caught undisguised came with some chrome touch mostly towards the license plate area toward the rear.

Look at the Creta and you will definitely fall in love with it because compared to its compact size the Creta definitely looks a lot muscular and gives a sense of space inside, definitely the front comes with chrome engulfed grilles and projector headlamps which will m ost probably be available with the top end SX variant (the rest of the variant will most probably get conventional headlamps).

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Volkswagen the German Auto major launched the all new Vento in India and although mostly the changes that are made to this new car are cosmetic however keeping its competitors in mind Volkswagen should have also given it some mechanical updates too but unfortunately that is not the case however they still claims that the new Vento is actually more fuel efficient than the older car.

This three box subcompact car was introduced by Volkswagen India back in the year 2010 and this sedan has been built on the same Polo hatchback wheelbase only stretched for this particular car. This car became so popular that Volkswagen started selling it in some other markets as well including Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Russia, and Mexico.

The Volkswagen Jetta is powered by a two petrol and 1 diesel engine option and just like we mentioned above both petrol engines has been worked on to return even more fuel efficiency. VW besides providing the manual transmission has also provided a DSG gearbox as well with the diesel variant.

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This will definitely catch your attention because the Land Rover Discovery Sport was caught being tested on the roads of Mumbai which gives only one indication and that is Land Rover will be launching their newest SUV soon in the Indian market.

The new Discovery Sport is a replacement for the already existing Freelander2 SUV and it uses the same platform which is also shared with the Evoque. This SUV will be imported and sold in the market via the CKD route and thus it will be assembled at the company’s Pune facility and will also be priced aggressively.

When it comes to styling surely the Discovery Sport won’t disappoint anyone because the new SUV styling has been inspired mostly from all the new generation Land Rover vehicles including the Range Rover Sport and Evoque. Towards the front the Sport has been equipped with Xenon headlamps and horizontally position fog lamps while the front grille looks almost identical to the ones you find the other Range Rover vehicles beside all these you will also notice a muscular looking front bumper completed with skid plates as well.

The side profile of the SUV looks little less boxy mainly because of its aerodynamic design while the huge wheel arches and impressive ground clearance definitely will help you if you ever feel like taking this SUV off the tarmac. Towards the rear you can also notice some interesting looking LED taillamps as well.

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